Function and usage of restore_current_locale() in wordpress


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    The restore_current_locale() function in WordPress is used to revert the translations back to the original locale. This function is particularly useful in scenarios where the locale has been temporarily switched to a different one using functions like switch_to_locale(). After performing the necessary operations in the new locale, restore_current_locale() can be used to switch back to the original language settings.

    Function Signature:

    restore_current_locale(): string|false


    1. Function: Restores the translations according to the original locale.

    2. Return Value: It returns a string or false.

      • If successful, it returns the locale (string) that has been restored.
      • If there is an error or if no previous locale is found to restore, it returns false.

    Sample Usage:

    Let's consider a scenario where you want to temporarily switch to a different locale to fetch some localized content and then revert back to the original locale.

    // Suppose the original locale is 'en_US'
    // Switching to a different locale, e.g., French
    switch_to_locale( 'fr_FR' );
    // Perform operations in the French locale
    // ...
    // Now, restore to the original locale
    $restored_locale = restore_current_locale();
    if ( $restored_locale ) {
        echo "Locale restored to: " . $restored_locale;
    } else {
        echo "Failed to restore locale";

    In this example, switch_to_locale('fr_FR') changes the current locale to French ('fr_FR'). After performing the necessary operations in the French locale, restore_current_locale() is called to revert back to the original locale ('en_US'). The function returns the restored locale as a string ('en_US') if successful, or false if it fails or if there is no previous locale to restore.

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