Function and usage of rest_add_application_passwords_to_index() in wordpress


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    The rest_add_application_passwords_to_index() function in WordPress is designed to add Application Passwords information to the REST API index. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage of this function:


    • Name: rest_add_application_passwords_to_index
    • Purpose: Adds Application Passwords info to the REST API index.


    • $response (WP_REST_Response): This is the only parameter the function accepts. It is a required parameter and must be an instance of the WP_REST_Response class. This parameter represents the REST API index response object that you want to enhance with Application Passwords information.


    • Type: WP_REST_Response
    • Description: The function returns the modified WP_REST_Response object after adding the Application Passwords information to it.

    Sample Usage:

    Suppose you want to modify the REST API index response to include Application Passwords information. Here’s how you might do it:

    add_action('rest_api_init', 'add_app_passwords_to_rest_index');
    function add_app_passwords_to_rest_index() {
        // Modify the REST index response.
        add_filter('rest_index', 'custom_modify_rest_index_response');
    function custom_modify_rest_index_response(WP_REST_Response $response) {
        // Call the function to add Application Passwords info.
        $response = rest_add_application_passwords_to_index($response);
        // Return the modified response.
        return $response;

    In this sample:

    1. The add_app_passwords_to_rest_index function is hooked to rest_api_init, which is triggered when the REST API is initialized.
    2. Inside this function, a custom filter custom_modify_rest_index_response is added to the rest_index.
    3. In the custom_modify_rest_index_response function, the rest_add_application_passwords_to_index function is called with the current REST API response object.
    4. The function adds the necessary Application Passwords information to the response object.
    5. The modified response object is then returned.

    This sample effectively demonstrates how to use the rest_add_application_passwords_to_index function in a WordPress environment to enhance the REST API index response with Application Passwords data.

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