PHP round up function


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    In PHP, the function used to round numbers up to the nearest integer is ceil(). This function takes a single argument, the number you want to round up, and returns the smallest integer that is greater than or equal to that number.

    Here's a basic example of how to use ceil() in PHP:

        $floatNumber = 4.3;
        $roundedNumber = ceil($floatNumber);
        echo $roundedNumber; // Outputs: 5

    In this example, 4.3 is rounded up to 5. Even if the fractional part of the number is less than 0.5, ceil() will still round it up to the next integer. This behavior is what distinguishes ceil() from other rounding functions like floor() (which rounds down) and round() (which rounds to the nearest integer, up or down based on the fractional part).

    PHP does not have many alternative native functions to ceil() for specifically rounding numbers up. However, for more complex rounding requirements, you might need to write custom logic or use other related functions like round() or floor(), depending on the exact need.

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