PHP timed tasks


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    It pertains to setting up scheduled tasks in PHP.

    PHP, being a server-side scripting language, doesn't have built-in support for timed tasks (also known as cron jobs) like some other programming languages or systems. However, you can implement PHP timed tasks using a few different methods:

    1. Using Cron Jobs (Most Common Method)

    Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that are run by the server's operating system at specified intervals. Here's how you can use them with PHP:

    • Step 1: Write a PHP script that performs the task you want to run on a schedule.
    • Step 2: Set up a cron job on your server to run the PHP script. The exact method depends on your server and hosting environment. For a UNIX-like system, you can edit the crontab file by running crontab -e in the terminal.

    Here's an example crontab entry to run a script every hour:

    0 * * * * /usr/bin/php /path/to/your/script.php

    2. Using PHP Scripts with Sleep

    If you don't have access to cron jobs or want to do it purely in PHP:

    • Step 1: Write a PHP script that enters a loop.
    • Step 2: After executing the task, make the script sleep for a certain period using sleep() function.


    while (true) {
        // Your task code here
        sleep(3600); // Sleep for one hour

    However, this is less reliable and efficient compared to cron jobs.

    3. Using a PHP Framework

    Some PHP frameworks have built-in support for scheduled tasks. For instance, Laravel has a task scheduling system that allows you to fluently and expressively define your command schedule within Laravel itself.

    4. Using Third-Party Services

    There are third-party services and tools like "EasyCron" which can call your PHP scripts at specified intervals.


    The most common and recommended way to handle PHP timed tasks is through cron jobs, especially for robustness and reliability. The method you choose depends on your specific server environment, access permissions, and the nature of the task you need to perform.

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