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    In PHP, to perform division and then round the result, you can use several methods depending on the type of rounding you need. Here are the most common solutions:

    1. intval() Function: This function is used to convert a value to an integer, effectively truncating any decimal part. This is equivalent to "flooring" the result for positive numbers.

      $result = intval($dividend / $divisor);
    2. round() Function: If you want to round the result to the nearest integer, you can use the round() function. This function rounds a floating-point number to its nearest integer value.

      $result = round($dividend / $divisor);
    3. ceil() and floor() Functions: For specific rounding directions, ceil() rounds a number up to the next highest integer, and floor() rounds a number down to the next lowest integer.

      $resultCeil = ceil($dividend / $divisor);  // Rounds up
      $resultFloor = floor($dividend / $divisor); // Rounds down
    4. Type Casting: Alternatively, you can perform explicit type casting to an integer, which like intval(), truncates the decimal part.

      $result = (int)($dividend / $divisor);

    These methods should cover most scenarios involving division and rounding in PHP. Remember that the choice of method depends on how you want to handle the fractional part of the division result.

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