PHP manual in Chinese.


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    as it pertains to the documentation for PHP, a popular programming language.

    To answer your question, the PHP manual is available in multiple languages, including Chinese. The manual provides comprehensive documentation on the PHP programming language, covering various topics such as syntax, functions, best practices, and more.

    To access the PHP manual in Chinese, you can visit the official PHP website or search for "PHP manual in Chinese" online. The website typically provides options to select the language of your preference.

    For those seeking specific information or tutorials in Chinese, there are also numerous online resources, forums, and communities dedicated to PHP programming in Chinese. These can be valuable for both beginners and advanced programmers to learn and discuss PHP-related topics.

    Additionally, here's a basic example of PHP code:

    echo "Hello, world!";

    This code simply prints "Hello, world!" to the browser. PHP code typically starts with <?php and ends with ?>. The echo statement is used to output text to the screen.

    Remember, the PHP manual is a great resource for learning and reference, and accessing it in Chinese can make it more accessible for Chinese-speaking programmers.

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