PHP function to capitalize the first letter.


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    In PHP, there are multiple ways to capitalize the first letter of a string. The most common function used is ucfirst(), which converts the first character of a given string to uppercase.

    Here's an example of how you can use it:

    $originalString = "hello world";
    $capitalizedString = ucfirst($originalString);
    echo $capitalizedString; // Outputs: Hello world

    In this example, ucfirst() converts the 'h' in "hello" to 'H', resulting in "Hello world".

    Another method, if you're dealing with a multi-byte character set (like UTF-8) and want to ensure proper capitalization, is to use mb_convert_case():

    $originalString = "hello world";
    $capitalizedString = mb_convert_case($originalString, MB_CASE_TITLE, "UTF-8");
    echo $capitalizedString; // Outputs: Hello World

    In this case, mb_convert_case() with MB_CASE_TITLE will capitalize the first letter of each word in the string. It's more versatile for strings with multiple words and ensures proper handling of multi-byte characters.

    Remember, PHP's string functions are sensitive to the character encoding, so for non-standard encodings, the multi-byte string functions (mb_*) are usually the better choice.

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