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    The official PHP documentation is a comprehensive resource that provides detailed information about PHP's functions, classes, and the PHP language itself. It includes:

    1. Function Reference: Detailed explanations of PHP functions, including syntax, parameters, return values, and examples.
    2. Language Reference: Information about PHP syntax, operators, control structures, namespaces, extensions, etc.
    3. Security: Best practices for writing secure PHP code.
    4. Features: Explanation of PHP features like sessions, filters, and error handling.
    5. Getting Started: A beginner's guide to installing PHP and writing simple scripts.

    For a practical example, let's say you want to know how to use the array_filter function in PHP. The official documentation would provide:

    • Syntax: array_filter(array $array, callable $callback = ?, int $mode = 0): array
    • Description: Filters elements of an array using a callback function.
    • Parameters:
      • $array: The array to iterate over
      • $callback: The callback function to use
      • $mode: Flag determining what arguments are sent to the callback
    • Return Value: Returns the filtered array.
    • Example:
      $array = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
      $even = array_filter($array, function($val) {
          return ($val % 2) === 0;
      print_r($even); // Outputs: Array ( [1] => 2 [3] => 4 )

    To access the official PHP documentation, you can visit the PHP Manual on the PHP website. This manual is available in many languages and includes user-contributed notes with additional tips and examples.

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