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    It appears you are asking for guidance or ideas for a PHP-based project suitable for a graduation assignment.

    Here are some ideas for PHP graduation projects along with brief descriptions and potential code examples where applicable:

    1. E-commerce Website: Create an online store where users can browse products, add them to their cart, and make purchases. Use PHP for server-side logic, managing user sessions, and interacting with a database.

      • Code Example: PHP code to handle adding a product to a cart.
        // Assume product ID and quantity are passed via POST request
        $productId = $_POST['product_id'];
        $quantity = $_POST['quantity'];
        // Add product to the cart
        $_SESSION['cart'][$productId] = $quantity;
    2. Content Management System (CMS): Develop a CMS where users can create, edit, and publish web content. Think of a simple version of WordPress.

      • Code Example: PHP code to retrieve articles from a database.
        $pdo = new PDO('mysql:host=your_host;dbname=your_db', 'username', 'password');
        $stmt = $pdo->query("SELECT title, content FROM articles");
        while ($row = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) {
            echo '<h2>' . $row['title'] . '</h2>';
            echo '<p>' . $row['content'] . '</p>';
    3. Social Networking Site: A basic platform where users can sign up, create profiles, connect with friends, and post messages.

      • Code Example: PHP code for user registration.
        if ($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST") {
            $username = $_POST['username'];
            $password = $_POST['password'];
            // Proceed with storing the new user in the database
            // ...
    4. Blog with Comments: Create a blog where users can post articles and others can comment on them.

      • Code Example: PHP code to insert a comment into a database.
        $comment = $_POST['comment'];
        $postId = $_POST['post_id'];
        $userId = $_SESSION['user_id']; // Assuming the user is logged in
        $stmt = $pdo->prepare("INSERT INTO comments (post_id, user_id, comment) VALUES (?, ?, ?)");
        $stmt->execute([$postId, $userId, $comment]);
    5. Online Reservation System: A system for booking appointments or making reservations, suitable for restaurants, hotels, or event venues.

      • Code Example: PHP code to check availability and book a slot.
        // Assume date and time are passed via POST request
        $date = $_POST['date'];
        $time = $_POST['time'];
        // Check availability and book the slot
        // ...

    Remember, these projects should be tailored to fit the complexity required for a graduation project. You might need to add additional features like user authentication, database integration, or advanced front-end interactions using JavaScript.

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