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    It's about how to retrieve file or directory paths in PHP, a popular server-side scripting language used for web development.

    There are several functions in PHP that can be used to get paths. Here are some common scenarios and the corresponding PHP functions:

    1. Get the current script's directory path:

      • __DIR__ is a magic constant that returns the directory of the current script.
      echo __DIR__;
    2. Get the full path of the current script:

      • __FILE__ is a magic constant that gives the full path and filename of the file.
      echo __FILE__;
    3. Get the path to the parent directory:

      • dirname() function can be used. If you need the parent directory of the current script, you can do:
      echo dirname(__FILE__);
    4. Find the path of the executed script from the command line (CLI):

      • $argv[0] gives the script name. Combine it with realpath() to get the full path.
      echo realpath($argv[0]);
    5. Get the document root directory under which the current script is executing:

      • $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] provides the document root directory.
      echo $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];
    6. Get the directory of a specific file:

      • Use pathinfo() to get information about a file path.
      $path = '/usr/local/php/test.php';
      $info = pathinfo($path);
      echo $info['dirname'];

    These are some of the most common ways to retrieve different types of paths in PHP. The choice of method depends on the specific requirement of the application or script.

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